Depot Design

What makes the Perfect Tank Container Depot?


Depot Design Blueprint

Many depots around the world have simply evolved. From a plot of land, maybe a Trucking Companies yard, maybe a container depot that has taken in tanks.

In almost all cases a depot which evolves is inefficient. A square peg in a round hole.

For a perfect depot you need planning:

  • This involves market research to find available sites in the chosen location.
  • It involves marketing with the customers sales teams to determine throughput
  • Only when you have a picture of the volumes and types of throughput can you determine the layout
  • After the layout come the practical concerns – Water in; water out; power; waste; environmental impact

We have years of experience having designed and constructed depots around the world for Tank Cleaning; Tank repairs; Refurbishment; Tank testing; Steam Heating.

We have designed Fast Track Systems: Tip’n’Turn facilities as well as Pioneer Systems for sampling throughput to determine long term needs.

Whatever the budget we have a solution; from a simple wash rack to a complete refurbishment facility.

At Alltec Solutions we understand what has to be done and how to do it with minimal handling and maximised efficiency.

Ask us to plan the perfect depot for you.