New Tank Containers

Alltec Solutions have more than 25 years experience in Engineering and work with companies around the world to build equipment to meet customer’s specific needs.

If you have product in mind, please contact us to find the most suitable equipment and the most competitive price? Whether you want equipment which is fit for purpose or you are looking for a customised solution, we can help you meet your objectives.

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Typical T11 Equipment


Typical T11 Equipment Specification:

20ft ISO Stainless steel tank container
Tank type IMO 1 steam heated and insulated
Working pressure 4 Bar. Nominal capacity 24000 Litre.

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Part #1
Part #2

Typical T50 Gas Tank - Pressure Ranges from 11 to 40 Barg


Typical T50 Gas Tank Specification:

ISO Stainless Steel tank container
25000 Litre.

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Typical T75 Tank for carriage of LIN/LOX/LAR or CO2


Typical T75 Tank Specification:

20000 Litre 22 Bar UN Portable Tank in accordance with: ISO 1496/3

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Special Equipment

Special Equipment

Customer Specific Equipment:

Customised tanks can be designed and constructed in accordance with individual client needs. At ASL we will work with you to design your required tank and then take the design to a Tank Manufacturer who best meets your needs in terms of costs and delivery. ASL will then work with the Manufacturer on your behalf to ensure quality and performance is achieved. So whether your needs be Fuel Storage or transport of Potable Water we can design the tank to suit.